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Youth Volunteerism

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Photos

Hi guys! I do hope you guys take some time off to actually read this entry and think about what I would like to share with you today; youth volunteerism

Firstly, what exactly is youth volunteerism? To be honest, I do not have an exact definition for you guys. But from what I strongly believe, youth volunteerism refers to acts (even the smallest of them) which we carry out to make the lives of the less fortunate better. And without saying, these acts must be done with one’s own initiative without the expectations of getting anything in return.

What is the first thing that comes into mind when the thought of helping the less fortunate is being brought up?


But a lot of youths today are overlooking the fact that we are capable of doing so much more! Pardon me here for I am not saying we should stop donating. I am just reminding everyone who’s reading this that we are a privileged batch of educated youths, the services we can offer to the needy are infinite and priceless. For example, young kids who are not well to do could make do with free tuition. Sometimes all kids just want to have fun and enjoy great company. Sadly, not all of them are blessed with the opportunity to bond with their parents. You guys get my drift… there’s simply so much we can do.

In the charity we’re currently funding (FaithActs), they do have ways to get involved if you guys are interested. Be it giving tuition, or organising fun and games etc, I urge you all to really think about how much it would mean to the one on the receiving end.

Below is just a quick link I would like to attach to those who are interested in volunteering.

DO YOUR PART NOW! (: And keep refreshing this space because details for something big is gonna be up REALLY SOON.


Welcome to our project

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Photos

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