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Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Hello all, welcome to our first official entry of Musical Buffaloes.

For starters, its only polite that we introduce ourselves. We are a humble group of 26 students from Buffalo (SUNY), which stands for Buffalo, State University of New York, currently located in SIM. One of our projects for our music class is actually to organise a fund-raising concert for the charity of our choice.

How cool is that? We are unbelievably psyched about this and are proud to present our charity of choice, Faith Acts.

FaithActs is a non-profit community service agency that serves the needs of children, youths, families and seniors in Singapore. FaithActs aims to reach out and impact the lives of people through the provision of programmes and services which meet community needs and the alleviation of social problems regardless of their ethnic, socio-economic and religious backgrounds. It provides life skill and value based programmes for youths, familities and serniors. Their programmes range from sports and adventure to the creative arts.

What we found unique about this organization was its creative arts programme that closely relates to our intention of spreading awareness through our Music Concert. Thus, we chose FaithActs to be our beneficiary.

Some of you may be wondering, “Why help to spread awareness for the creative arts programme? Wouldn’t it be better to just raise money and donate it to people in need?”

Well, we like to look at things this way. There are 2 VERY SIMPLE goals to any act of good will:

1) Decrease the bad things in the world.

2) Increase the good things in the world.

And let’s admit it, Music is, ultimately, one of the BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD. So we are creating this event to spread the love! :)

We’re organizing a simple concert (but with awesome bands) soon to come. We want to let you guys have a blast enjoying great music. Enjoy a concert with your loved ones and know that you’ve improved the lives of others with your charity. It’s a win win situation!